CoverGirl & Olay Foundation Review


At the beginning, I will introduce my skin type first. My skin is combination, in winter I’m dry, in summer I’m oil. I’m not sensitive, but I have some smallpox in my face. I will test my foundations from moisturizing, oil control and concealer.

My friends around me all recommend drug store foundation. and I really interested in CoverGirl. As summer is coming, I choose the cream foundation as my first CoverGirl product. The official introduction is “With superior technology, COVERGIRL’S Simple Ageless line fights the signs of aging.  The iconic Simply Ageless anti-aging foundation defies wrinkles by floating over them.  Not accentuating them. Start today – the more you use it, the more beautiful your future looks. Combine with Simply Ageless Anti-Aging Foundation primerfor an effective anti-aging system.” This foundation has B Vitamins and peptides make the most of your skin, it contains Olay skin care technology. Defies wrinkles by floating over them, not settling into them. I will do the detail review below.


CoverGirl & Olay Simple Ageless Foundation  SPF 22, color: 205

I bought it in Target, this foundation contains a sponge puff, but I really don’t like it. I usually use my Beauty Blender to apply it to my face. After I using this foundation, I am surprised by it’s excellent holding capacity. I almost wear it for the whole day and didn’t apply any other powder, and it is good for cover the spot, the concealer is also prefect. But it is a little bit dry for me, so it’s really suitable for oil skin. I need to do the good moisturizing before I use this foundation.

Moisturizing: ♥♥♥

Oil control: ♥♥♥♥♥

Concealer: ♥♥♥♥♥


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