My Skin Care Experience II

At the beginning, I will also introduce my skin type first. My skin is combination, in winter I’m dry, in summer I’m oil. My skin is not sensitive, but I have some smallpox in my face. I am going to introduce some good products I have used for skin care. If you are interested in my blog, you can keep on reading it : )

Last blog I have introduced what I use in makeup remover and cleanser. This blog I will introduce some useful lotions.

Lotion Test



Squeeze out the gel, the gel will become water essence after gentle beat it in the face. It has very good absorption, good permeability. No greasy. This lotion have a calming effect, to appease sensitive muscle. LancomeHYDRA ZEN BEAUTY ESSENCE has a unique technology, crystal jelly in contact with the skin instantly, it immediately transform into a cool water, quickly penetrate the skin. This lotion can immediately remove the dry rough, red and dry skin, such as “early drought” to keep the skin tender and moist wet, soothing to relax, bring the skin smooth texture.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Energy Lotion Intense Moist


This is actually called the essence of water is more appropriate, slightly yellow liquid is very viscous, but also reveals a touch of alcohol taste (although the composition of the table shows no alcohol). It is easy to absorb, but the feeling is sticky and need to wait a minute before they disappear, moisturizing effect is very lasting. You can only use this lotion in hot summer, no longer need the emulsion.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist


This spray texture has no difference with pure water, very refreshing, with a thick roses fragrance. It can continue to distribute fragrance two or three hours after applying. Spray is very delicate, very easy to absorb after tapping. Moisturizing effect in general, only use this kind of water in any season are not enough. It contains alcohol, a stimulant preservative and a variety of spices. I think sensitive skin should avoid this mist. The formula is also relatively simple, basically only play the role of moisturizing.

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner


This is orange transparent liquid, you can clearly see the calendars of calendula petals. Texture is very refreshing, only thicker than pure water, with a light floral. It is very easy to absorb, moisturizing effect is in general. Although the ingredients do not contains alcohol but contains a preservative, this preservative’s ranking is in the front, and in larger dose, try to avoid long-term use.



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