My Skin Care Experience IV

At the beginning, I will also introduce my skin type first. My skin is combination, in winter I’m dry, in summer I’m oil. My skin is not sensitive, but I have some smallpox in my face. I am going to introduce some good products I have used for skin care. If you are interested in my blog, you can keep on reading it : )

This blog is a series of my skin care experience, in this blog, I will introduce and recommend some useful facial cream. Some are day cream, some are night cream.

Facial Cream



This cream is Lamer’s most classic product, rich texture, suitable for autumn and winter, or night use (oil skin can buy gel version, more refreshing). Paste it in the palm of your hand after the rub, press it on the face. Although the absorption is slow, but I can feel radiant effect for the next day. moisturizing and repair ability are awesome! If you like the soft texture, you can also add a drop of oil products, it will instantly become a very good cream !

Clarins HydraQuench Cream Gel


Gel cream texture, bring a cold feeling for the skin, the unique formula to join the pomegranate extract and the Alpine Liu Lan of the extraction, effectively tighten the pores, inhibit the shiny, keep the long-lasting dumb, refreshing and not greasy. I feel comfortable when used, only a very small sticky feeling, high degree of refreshing. It has strong moisturizing, can quickly add moisture to the skin. Cream texture is very light, will not cause a burden for the skin,  very easy to push, and the moisture is also very high, the most suitable for dry skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


This cream has creamy texture, no taste, texture slightly thicker. Summer is not suitable for use, but in the autumn and winter, it will be able to reflect its role. It has a little bit oilly when I first apply it, it will be all absorbed after massage, the effect of lock moisterize is very good. No other extra features, the main function is moisturizing. This cream is really suitable for dry weather. The ingredients is safe, do not worry about having acne or getting allergies. The price is also reasonable.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Moisture Creme


This cream is flesh-colored and has a red pomegranate flavor. The absorption effect is not so good, it need a long time for sticky feeling to dissipate. Do not feel fake slip, easy to rub mud, moisture is very good, dry season can also play the role of moisture. This cream contains a variety of plant extracts and promote cell regeneration ingredients, suitable for start-old age skin. It has irritating preservatives, pregnant women should use it with caution.


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