Sunscreen Test

The weather is getting hot, I am going to recommend some useful sunscreen to protect the skin. As we all know, sunscreen, not only indirectly to help skin whitening, but also help to delay aging. UV rays can damage epidermal cells, causing skin relaxation, dull, spots and fine lines. Let me introduce some useful sunscreen to help you have a choice. Some sunscreen’s price are expensive, but some of the price are reasonable and easy to find.

Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion Ultra Guard Broad Spectrum SPF 50


I bought this sunscreen in CVS, this is a classic one, it strengthen the protection, the main function is the high coefficient of non-greasy sun protection. I have used the spray as well, spray the body is very convenient, recently I replaced the spray by the emulsion, my feeling is also very refreshing, I use it almost 90% of the time, this is a large bottle of sunscreen, rubbing the body without pressure.

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock Lotion, SPF 30


It is a 3-ounce bottle of liquid sunscreen lotion. The Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 sun protection that helps leave skin healthy and clear (however, higher SPF has more side-effects). It is designed for acne-prone skin. This product also has Helioplex Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It is still in good coating, texture is more refreshing, and looks full of water, this sunscreen is very good, but sometimes feel slightly stuffy,  I found this sunscreen is pure chemical sunscreen after I search in the Internet, so I don’t recommend sensitive skin to use it.



LA MER is a fine brand with good reputation although at high price. This sunscreen includes the Miracle Broth which is the heart of every single LA MER’s collection. This product has more functions which are way beyond the sun proof, such as “moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing, and radiance.” This sunscreen will perfectly melt into varied type of skins and you will be the miracle witness.

THANN Facial sunscreen SPF30 PA +++


This sunscreen I bought when I travel in Thailand , was strongly recommended by my sister. It is oil-free with Shiso and White Tea extracts. When I use it, I understand why so many people like it. It is completely non-sticky and not white, high comfort, emulsion texture. Without any feeling of discomfort. In addition, the sunscreen is oil-free physical sunscreen. SPF is very suitable for daily life. It’s very refreshing, and meet all my sunscreen requirements. The only disadvantage is that I can not buy it easily in United States, I can only buy it in Amazon and need to wait a long time. I strongly recommend all of you to buy this sunscreen, it will not let you down.


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