My Skin Care Experience III

At the beginning, I will also introduce my skin type first. My skin is combination, in winter I’m dry, in summer I’m oil. My skin is not sensitive, but I have some smallpox in my face. I am going to introduce some good products I have used for skin care. If you are interested in my blog, you can keep on reading it : )

I will introduce all of my serum in this blog, I like moisturizing serum, but some of my serum contains whitening, anti-aging and anti-oxidation.


Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Re Texturizing Serum Concentrate


This serum has highly moisturizing essence, my best love of serum. I can’t remember how many bottles of this serum I have used, I can use it for whole seasons. This product has gentle gel texture, contains 15% derived from plant glycerol and basil leaves extract, full of  plant energy. Turned into numerous small drops of water, layers of penetration into the skin, so amazing. And it is not a simple replenishment, it is the feeling of water and oil balance. I feel fresh in summer, in autumn and winter it can ease the dry. With it, my skin is filled with moisturizing every day.

Clarins Double Serum Luxury Size Complete Age Control Concentrate


This serum is half of the water half of the oil,  you can clearly see the yellow and transparent color of the two components when you squeeze out. In fact, oil-soluble and water-soluble this two kinds of essence looks very oil, but has absolutely good absorption, moisturizing nourishing anti Aging effect. The best way using it is to squeeze into warm hand and then massage to the face,sensitive skin can also use it.

La Mer The Concentrate


This is the most expensive serum of mine, and it is also has the best repair ability. This serum should be the repair and thickening of the kicking ability of the strongest products in Lar Mer, thickening horny for the thin skin is the gospel, but for health skin, the horny is too thick, it seems that the skin will be rough and dull. This product is more suitable for use in the partial, it can solve the problem of redness which contains a very high concentration of repair essence, mainly for postoperative repair (such as medical beauty, scald burns, etc.) I generally only use in the partial.

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence


This is so far I’ve used the most effective whitening serum. Anybody let me recommend the effect of good whitening essence it is the best answer. This product texture fresh, has good absorption, and the effect is significant. After using a period of time, I can really get the whitening effect when I look at the mirror.